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There is a world of possibilities for you to enrich your world
Thanks to the digital revolution, we are experiencing a moment of great social development: technology has provided us with a vast world of knowledge and information that allows us to be better connected. Unstoppable growth that is exponentially good, and which you are part of and protagonist.

We commit to 6 lines of action to make you and your digital life the starting point and cornerstone of everything we do.

Welcome to Telefonica´s new vision and its commercial brands.

Welcome to “Choose it all.”

Because you choose a personal revolution ›
You choose to connect or disconnect. You choose respect, quality and transparency. You choose to share, live and enjoy what is most important to you without having to give up on anything.

We choose to be an OnLife Telco ›
We choose to be a trusted, open and bold company. We choose to create, protect and empower the connections in your life so you can access a world of infinite possibilities.

We connect everything in life to make it extraordinary
Because you choose best in class connections
You are demanding. You want an outstanding connection, flawless, reliable and capable of enriching your world, anytime, anywhere.
We choose to invest more everyday
To enhance the connections in your life we have already invested 30,000 million euros in fibre and mobile networks. Working towards unlimited, impeccable connectivity for everyone, with services that are easy to understand, clear and flexible.
We work for full integration
Because you choose to have it all without giving up on anything
You want connectivity that includes communications, video, digital services and devices. All fully integrated. You want your work, life and enjoyment to be unified. You want simplicity and easiness with privacy and security.
We choose to create truly integrated offers
We are already giving over 340 million people access to a digital life with our product and service packages, and simple, easy-to-use, unique content. Creating tailor-made solutions. Partnering with others who share our vision: you come first
We want to earn your trust with positive experiences
Because you choose the most attentive service
You want to decide, to be heard, to have control and rely on a company you can trust, one that is approachable and responsible.
We choose to excel in everything we do
We want you to have the best experience with us, which is why we are guided by our values: trusted, offering you the security and reliability that is only possible with a premium network; being bold, being a step ahead of what you expect from us; and being open, going the extra mile with a warm and friendly attitude.
We try to know you better, innovating to meet your needs
Because you choose companies that adapt to you
You want a company that knows you offers you tailor-made products and services. You want innovative, useful solutions that meet your needs. No more, no less.
We choose to offer useful innovations for your everyday life
We believe that Big Data helps you to improve your life. We want to get to know you better to anticipate your needs, creating innovative products and services for you. We believe that by analysing the information with respect and powered by innovation, the positive impact on the world is huge.
We are more and more digital to better meet your needs
Because you choose full, seamless experiences
You want everything to be easier and more accessible every day. Demanding agility and integration on each task of your life.
We choose to improve and simplify processes
We are digitalising, automating and simplifying each single step. By being simpler each and every day we improve your experience.
We are more agile because we simplify
Because you choose your priorities
You want simplicity and you want us to eliminate the superfluous. You want us to focus on what you need so you can enjoy the connections in your life without delays, effortlessly and quickly.
We choose to invest in what is truly important for you
We invest and re-invest our resources to remove barriers and complexities. A constant and never-ending process of simplification that helps us to be more agile and quicker moving forward. In doing so, we will be able to respond better, and on time to what matters most to you.
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